Josef Koudelka - Photo Gallery


Hello peeps! Yesterday I was at the photo exhibition of famous photographer Josef Koudelka. I wanted to show you some of his projects through this photo gallery. Hope you all go there after to learn a lot more about him.

A photographer from South Moravia who is known worldwide... 

Josef Koudelka was born and raised in Boskovice in the southern part of Moravia. He moved to Prague thanks to his studies of aerospace engineering at the ČVUT faculty, where he also became interested in photography. In 1967 he joined the Union of Czechoslovak Artists. Among his first and, in my opinion, the most famous documentation was a collection INVASION 68. Because of the communist regime, he couldn't share these photos so he decided to go live in the western Europe, where it started to be distributed by Magnum Photos, of which he later became a member.

The photographer isn't supposed to be famous, famous are the people and places captured in pictures.

Round-the-world tour...

At the beginning of the seventies, he was granted asylum in the UK. From now on he traveled freely. His first stop was Northern Spain, from where he further traveled through Portugal and Southern France to create a series called GYPSIES that captured the life of nomadic gypsies. He finished his journey in London and Northern England, where he photographed horse races.

Photography work for theatre magazines Czechoslovakia. ↓

First big project - photographing gypsies in Romania. 

Happenings of the Soviet Invasion in Prague and its negatives. 

Variety of large projects around the world.