The best of Czech Press Photo


Finally, a few days off between the holidays. When I visited all of my family members and gave them all the gifts, I can concentrate again on what I really like. Writing. Sometimes it's hard for me to figure out what to write about, what you might like reading, what's interesting, and especially what's not boring. When I started writing these few sentences each week, I realized how tricky writing can be. Even if the topic is interesting, what I'm actually writing could be tedious. That is why I choose something unusual for me. As you can tell from previous articles, I like traditional art a little bit more than modern art.

Prague is a place where visitors can see many historical things. Architecture, Fine arts, events of all kinds, celebrations and a lot more. I like the way we support traditions here and at the same time, we give opportunities for the modern stuff. And thanks to this approach, something like Czech Press Photo could be created.

First of all, I want to write a little about the whole Czech Photo concept. What they do and offer. In general, Czech Photo is a company that brings together people with the same interests. Every year the company hosts a prestigious photo competition. This competition is called Czech Press Photo and 2019 is the 24th year of the competition. Not only does it support photo-journalism. It allows and helps young, talented photographers to be visible. At the same time collects the best photos for the past year and gives the audience the opportunity to remind them or to get to know them. There is always a lot of authors in this competition and I like the fact that the selected person does not necessarily have to have the same theme as other authors. They have a choice of two circuits - Events and Sports. However, these are divided into more themes. Overall it is mainly about good photos, which shows authenticity and individualism. As well as the themes, the ways of capturing the photo are different and the author can really show himself off. In this, I see a great advantage towards the viewers who can find among the photos, exactly what they are interested in and also have the opportunity to discover something they would not even know that they are interested in.

I want to be honest with you, this year was the first time I visited the exhibition. I'm a little sorry I did not go there in previous years. The exhibition, which is located in Prague Karolinum, is called The Best of Czech Press Photo and will last until February 27, 2019. It shows the best photos between the year 1995 and 2018. I knew a lot of events, which the exhibition shows, but I also found out about some new ones.

Another great thing the Czech Photo provides is Prague Photo Center. Kind of a new gallery in Nova Butovice, outside the Prague center. It is a space that is multi-genre. Ambition is the state of the most famous Prague galleries. We can find photographs of Czech and foreign authors, street art elements, an archive of photos from competitions and at the same time offers new photographers the visibility. Together with the exhibition area, it offers a restaurant, café, and a classroom for students.

The picture I borrowed from the website, which you can find below this article is about twenty feet of David Cerny's plastic. Who is the author of the well-known babies at the Žižkov Television Tower.