Today I would like to introduce you to a place that changed my beloved Prague a little. 

I am in Prague every day and I thought it wouldn't surprise me anymore. But the opposite is true. If only 20 shipping containers are enough to help create such a great place, then I want to be surprised every day.

The unused, nasty, noisy and empty place in the center of Prague, full of dust and rubbish, has turned into a unique marketplace.

The Manifesto offers a range of minimalist boutiques, lots of stands with street food with new unusual gastronomy and cultural events. It is mainly a place with a peaceful atmosphere, authentic music and where you simply feel good. It is a great opportunity to meet with your friends after work or with people from all around the world. People who created Manifesto are dreamers and problem solvers. They recreated something unfriendly into something more than friendly. In the Manifesto you will find my favorites - Fancy fries, Wine Food, Angelato, which I highly recommend. 

For me, the Manifesto is something new that perfectly fits to something old. 

And you know what? Forget the heavy wallet or the actual problem to finding the nearest exchange office. The whole place is completely cashless. And that's amazing, isn't it?