František Kupka - Photo Gallery


Another week, another exhibition. You'll read often about exhibitions here. Now there are several of them in Prague and they are literally amazing. Today I will share with you a few words and photos of František Kupka's exhibition.

As a child, František Kupka was a promising painter. Thanks to his family friend he got into the Prague Academy, where his work adapted to symbolism, as required by the school. During his studies, he traveled to Vienna and he perceived art much more through various disciplines, such as biology, physiology, and spiritism. He was also greatly influenced by the music.

After his arrival in Paris, his work were things such as drawings of modest coco-styles and illustrations of humorous magazines. During Kupka's work, we can see precisely when he switched from figural art to non-figural and then only abstract work. From colorful, complex images to black and white and simple images.

It was 1912 when he introduced one of his most famous art, which the society didn't quite understand. The Two-color Fugue was the first ever abstract work in the Czech Republic. 

As it usually is with the famous painters, František Kupka had serious financial problems during his life. Today, his work is being sold to millions.

In cooperation with the French Reunion de musées nationaux Grand Palais and the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki, the National Gallery of Prague prepared an exhibition called Franz Kupka 1871-1957

Thanks to the collaboration with the French partner, they managed to make a unique collection of oil paintings, prints, documentation materials, and paper drawings. The exhibition is held in the WALDSTEIN RIDING SCHOOL and we can see author's work even from the New York Guggenheim Museum. The exhibition is divided into thematic units that are chronologically consecutive and show the author's work from symbolism to abstraction.

My most favorite picture is Cosmic Spring. Go there and discover yours!

The exhibition takes place: 7.9.2018 - 20.1.2019