Hello peeps! 

From the title, you can already tell, what today's article is going to be about. But first of all, I would like to thank you all for the whole Bell Prague team. It's my very first article so I hope you'll enjoy.

Is it just about machines?

In short, H - D is one of the largest producers of motorbikes of America. Because of their distinctive, original sound and design, they won a lot of hearts. Historically and even nowadays they connect people from all around the world and they are a symbol of freedom and sense of belonging.

They are a symbol of freedom and sense of belonging.

And what is the connection between these massive machines from the west and our small heart of Europe? One man, whose name was Bohumil Turek. Bohumil Turek was our famous racer. He and his company imported H-D motorbikes to the Czech Republic, then called Czechoslovakia.

On his wedding day, sixty of his friends got their H-D motorbikes and accompanied him to the altar. These riders that night came up with a great and pretty simple idea - meet more often. Reunions have become a tradition and in 1928 the Harley Club Prague was created. It survived the war, communist regime, which didn't approve this style at all, but despite these barriers, the club never fell apart and we should be really proud of it.

I was looking forward to the weekend. Beautiful weather, good food, great music, and friendly atmosphere. On the 5th of July, one of the biggest events of the year started. Other than this anniversary we were also celebrating the 100th anniversary of HD Club in Prague, because of that the event so important for the Czech Republic. For weeks before I was coming across lots of groups of foreigners and locals on these massive machines, dressed in leather jackets, acting courageously and unattainable. The group of people, that we can simply just watch and admire from a distance. After the entry to the event, which was happening in Holešovice, I knew that was only my feeling about these people. They were actually very friendly and openhearted. In a word not unattainable at all. Great food and rock music complemented the event very well. It didn't matter, if you were 6 or 60, if you drive or not, everybody was celebrating together. I had the chance to see the old and new motorbikes, speak with people from different parts of the world and gain new experiences.

The program was varied. Exhibitions, competitions, test rides took place on the premises. Biker games with acrobatic performances have been going on for more demanding visitors. The best ride of the celebrations was without any doubt The Anniversary Parade through the historical center of Prague, which every visitor could attend.

For me this was the best way to spend the weekend, don't you think? See yourself in our photo gallery. If you didn't make it to the event this year, you don't need to worry, there will be plenty more chances.