Christmassy time and Prague cafes


Less than 10 days to Christmas, two gifts out of ten, the school in the morning, work in the afternoon. I'm stressing out to give all my loved ones exactly what they want and need. Moreover, there is no snow in Prague and the best is when it rains for days and now I somehow miss the magic of Christmas.

If I knew what I was going to write here a few weeks ago, I might be mad at myself. Christmas time really is about resting and kindness. But I do not give up. Now I am going to one of the beautiful cafes in Prague. Firstly, to take a break, and secondly, I'll have some time to plan all the places I need to go for the rest of the gifts.


Café Colore, at first glance, is such a classic restaurant in a busy place, but that's just the first thing. Café Colore is both a restaurant and a café/bar. The interior is made in the style of Viennese and Paris cafes. In bright red-brown colors with wood furniture. Everything is very nicely matched and creates a space with a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. I am just excited about the whole interior, that I almost forget that it's about a total impression.

The staff and the food they serve. I have nothing to say about the staff, the staff was kind and helpful. So that is it for me.

The menu is undoubtedly very interesting. In the permanent menu, you will find more special dishes than in the daily menu. They are more elaborate to prepare. I personally have tasted more meals from the daily menu and I like them a little bit more. They are such classic Czech dishes and I will not let them go easily. Just today, I had sweet dumplings with strawberries and cinnamon. Simple and excellent Czech recipe. Highly recommended for kids or for dessert!

Since I'm writing about food, Cafe Colore created an offer over Christmas, which attracted me very much. Menus made from meals containing snails. Great French delicacy that is of great interest. The restaurant itself recommends that you make a reservation for this event, so below the article, I will share the link. And If you want, you can join them over Christmas time and try some of the meals.

By everything I wrote here today Cafe Colore is a place where you can relax. It is mainly because of the place, the interior. Just the colors that are calm, match the Christmassy atmosphere very well.

Now I'm sitting here and literally watching two elderly ladies, giving each other some presents over good coffee and cake, and I feel so much better now.


If you just go for coffee and cake, they have some amazing coffee blends. 4 Arabic species originate from Mogiana, an area that is very popular for the production of coffee in Brazil, and one species comes from East Africa. The aroma of coffee is very spicy as a result.

Another café is If Café, which is almost on the other side of the street as Café Colore. This is a very stylish and elegant café with French desserts. The interior is made up of timeless and delicate elements and furniture in golden blue color. On their pages, you can read that Mrs. Iveta is the main chef and she creates all of the desserts you can see at the If Café. She loves French cuisine and all of France. Her cakes are authentic and can be seen giving them the necessary dose of love. The café is particularly famous thanks to the desserts. Coffee is also excellent, but even better and affordable is Headshot coffee.


When you're wearing a tracksuit or going out of exercise and just wanting to get some coffee or want to drink it quickly. The best place is the Head Shot Coffee, located right at the beginning of Jungmann Street. It is a cool place with relaxing staff. The interior is playful, with only four seats and their coffee is first class for a really good price.

All three cafes are great, but each in something else!