Barrel organ lives?

Normally I wake up just before lunch, but last Thursday was different. At 10 o'clock I was standing, really tired in front of St. Nicholas Church, which is situated on Old Town Square.

The event that has been taking place for the fifth year, I got a tip on sometime in August. And because this event was about music and I'm a big fan of music, I couldn't miss the day! When people around me went silent and sat down, the concert began. When it all ended people started shouting and clapped so much and me too because it was honestly amazing.

Personally, I know barrel organ under the name hurdy-gurdy, especially from old story tales. It's a wooden box that produces a magical sound. Inside it is air whistles and a pin roller arranged precisely for a particular song. All controlled by human power.

The festival takes place just a single day and is attended by flashers not only from the Czech Republic but all around the world. It seeks to spread awareness among younger generations while maintaining tradition. That's why I would also like to thank people who buy, restore, and know the flannels. Without them, this event wouldn't take place, and that would be a pity.

This event really takes you to those fairy tales, takes you about a century back, because it's not just about these machines, but it's also about the people, their typical styles and atmosphere. And if you're not a morning person like me, don't worry. The event is all day long. It has four concerts. First in the morning, Second at Kampa near Charles Bridge, informal in Kampa Park and the last one in the evening at the Czech Museum of Music. The genres are different. From jazz to classical music.

Best of all, entrance is free. So will we see each other next year?